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Type SS™ Silicone ink thinner

Type SS™ Solvent 

For Natron™ SE & DC silicone inks


The Type SS™ solvent has been formulated for the Natron™ SE & DC silicone inks for  pad printing and screen printing. This solvent is available in 8Oz, quart, and gallon size containers. Boston Industrial Solutions ink solvents are formulated for both pad printing and screen printing. The Type SS™ Solvent has the slowest evaporation rate compared to the Type TR Solvent and Type TRM Solvent.  The evaporation rates support fine tuning of the ink to any printing situation.

The Type SS™ solvent is formulated to be used in dry printing conditions. This solvent provides process balance and enhance production output.

The Type SS™ Solvent characteristics:

  • It helps keep the ink wet during pad or screen printing for a long time
  • Extends the pot-life of the silicone inks, and
  • Enables screen stability and improves ink print-ability

The Type SS™ solvent is available in 8oz, 16oz, 1Quart & 1 Gallon containers.

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