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Pad Printing Pads

Pad Printing Pads

Pad Printing pads formulated to deliver:

  • Extreme durabilitylasts 1.5 times any other printing pads
  • Perfect image resolution on each print, and
  • Fast break-in.

Printing Pads

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. manufactures pad printing pads for any type of pad printing machine. We offer thousands (1,000) of different pad shapes and sizes. The pads are ideal for many printing applications—standard and unique decorating applications. Our experts complement the pads by offering the best service and support advice for selecting pads.

All the pads are competitively priced.

Successful pad printing requires printers to select the correct transfer pad. Decorators have to consider the size, shape, and hardness of silicone pad.

Pad Size

The right pad must fit the machine and have enough mass to prevent image distortion.

Pad Hardness – Durometer

Hardness is also called Durometer.  Pad hardness range from soft 40 durometer to hard 80 durometer. The soft pads are for specialty applications, while the hard pads are for precision printing. We inspect and measure each pad prior to shipment. You can be sure that you are getting the right hardness with every pad.

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