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How to print onon Silicone Phone Wallets - smart silicone wallet with stand - boston industrial solutions

How to print on silicone phone wallets

Printing on silicone phone wallets can be challenging. Should you pad print or screen print. What is the right ink to print on the silicone wallets? Looking for the answers to these questions and how to print on silicone phone wallets? Well, you've come to the right place. Read more.

Fidget spinners - silicone ink -boston industrial solutions
  • 2017-06-20 02:29:33
  • Inks

Silicone ink to print on Silicone Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners are fun for all ages! They are cool and fun to play with. They are made with all sorts of materials. From metal to wood, to cooking dough to silicone. In this article, we will discuss how to print on silicone fidget spinners.

Silicone ink CPSIA Compliance - Boston Industrial Solutions
  • 2017-06-18 18:18:10
  • Compliance

Natron™ SE Silicone ink CPSIA Compliance

This is Natron™ SE Silicone ink CPSIA Compliance certificate! Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. was awarded this certificate as a symbol of compliance for its inks. Our goal is to make the best and safest ink ink the industry.

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se silicone ink - printing on silicone keyboard
  • 2017-06-17 01:19:42
  • Pad Printing

Printing on Silicone Keyboard with SE Silicone Ink

Have you ever thought of printing on flexible silicone keyboard? Now you can screen and or pad print on silicone rubber products, because of Boston's new line of silicone inks. Take a look at this flexible silicone keyboard. What do you want to print on it, your logo?