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Natron SilTex silicone inks for screen printing - Boston Industrial Solutions

SilTex silicone inks for screen printing

Introducing Natron™ SilTex™ silicone inks for screen printing — a two component silicone ink for screen printing on any type of textile. These new silicone inks for screen printing on textiles are ideal for Direct printing, Transfer printing, and 3D printing. Continue reading to find out more.

se silicone ink - printing on silicone keyboard
  • 2017-06-17 01:19:42
  • Pad Printing

Printing on Silicone Keyboard with SE Silicone Ink

Have you ever thought of printing on flexible silicone keyboard? Now you can screen and or pad print on silicone rubber products, because of Boston's new line of silicone inks. Take a look at this flexible silicone keyboard. What do you want to print on it, your logo?

silicone printing problems
  • 2017-06-16 02:20:01
  • Industrial Printing

Silicone printing problems and solutions

Today, there are many silicone printing problems. This is because, printing on silicone poses many challenges to professional printers. Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. has come up with innovative solutions to these problems. Let’s explore the challenges and the solutions to these challenges.

Silicone Products - silicone rubber - boston industrial solutions
  • 2017-05-27 22:16:10
  • Industrial Printing

Silicone products – the new normal

Silicone has been in existence for many years. Yet, companies had not embraced it for product production and marketing purposes. Part of this was because of the heavy cost associated with molding and printing on silicone.