pad printing consumables

Pad Printing Consumables you need

Learn more about the pad printing consumables that you need for your pad printing operation. These pad printing supplies are…

Industrial Printing
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Special effects – 992 Etch Pad Printing Ink for Glass

The Natron™ MG 992 Etch pad printing ink is a translucent special effects color that gives the illusion of a…

Pad printing ink
2 min read
Natron™ MG Series pad printing inks for glass - Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

Glass Pad printing inks

The Natron™ MG Series is an exceptional, Non-Toxic, high gloss, high opacity, 2-componet Pad printing ink for glass items such…

Pad printing ink
3 min read
glass printing methods

Glass Printing Methods

The three main approaches to printing on glass are pad printing, screen printing, and digital uv inkjet printing.

Industrial Printing
4 min read
UV inkjet primer

Priming is the solution

Some of the challenging substrates to print are stainless steel, coated metal, PP Plastics, synthetic rubbers, etc. As a result…

Adhesion primer
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eco-friendly friendly Silicone inks

Environmentally friendly Silicone inks for textile printing

Silicone inks are not only superior to both water based and plastisol inks, but they are also environmentally friendly.  Silicone…

Textile Silicone Inks
2 min read

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