UV inkjet primer

Priming is the solution

Some of the challenging substrates to print are stainless steel, coated metal, PP Plastics, synthetic rubbers, etc. As a result…

Adhesion primer
3 min read
eco-friendly friendly Silicone inks

Environmentally friendly Silicone inks for textile printing

Silicone inks are not only superior to both water based and plastisol inks, but they are also environmentally friendly.  Silicone…

Textile Silicone Inks
2 min read
High opacity silicone inks

Hyper Yellow: The new SE 315HD Hyper Yellow

The Natron SE 315HD Hyper yellow is ideal for direct pad printing and screen printing on silicone applications.  This high…

Silicone ink
< 1 min read
UV Ink Primers

UV Ink Primers for UV Inkjet Printers

UV inkjet primers are very vital especially when dealing with UV inkjet printers. The industrial and promotional products markets use…

Adhesion primer
3 min read
Natron™ PP Primer for plastics - Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc

Natron™ UV Inkjet Primer

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. introduces the most advance primer for plastics. The Natron™ PP Primer (polypropylene adhesive primer) is ideal…

Adhesion primer
< 1 min read
Permanent ink to fill Engraved Apple Watch Bands

Permanent ink to color fill Engraved Apple Watch Bands

Natron™ SE Silicone ink is a Permanent ink to fill Engraved Apple Watch Bands. This ink is also perfect for…

Silicone Inks
4 min read

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