Natron DC Series

Natron™ DC Silicone ink


Natron™ DC Silicone InkGuaranteed to adhere onto any silicone with or without heat.

Print on finished and heat sensitive silicone products.


DC™ Silicone Ink

The DC™ Silicone ink is formulated with our proprietary Dual Cure™ Technology. This ink is ideal for pad printing or screen printing on silicone products that cannot be cured with heat.  E.g. finished multi substrate silicone rubber products, heat sensitive silicone rubber products like speakers.
Some key features of  Natron™ DC™ Series silicone ink are heat or air cure, high opacity, semi-gloss, and flexibility.
To print your product, mix the SE silicone ink (A) with the catalyst (B), print and cure the product. For every 20 parts of the ink (A) add 1 part of the catalyst (B). Mix the ink together with the catalyst. Add 5 – 20% of the SE-TR or SE-TRM Solvent to alter viscosity, and print. Let the print air dry and cure at room temperature. You can also accelerate drying and curing by using heat. Heat the printed product in an oven for 2 minutes at 200°F. (Safety caution! Wait for the heated product to cool down before touching).
After full cure try to bend, scratch or stretch the printed product. We guarantee that the print (ink) will not crack or rub off – the print becomes part of the product.  This is the reason the SE series silicone ink is perfect for printing on silicone products.
 DC silicone ink - silicone wristband usb flash drive – Finished (multi substrate) Silicone products
– Silicone speaker covers
– Silicone electronics
High-performance silicone additives from Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. play a critical role in your printing process. These additives can help you produce better prints and increase efficiency. Our SE Silicone ink additives are designed to:

  • – Enhance adhesion
  • – Improve wetting, leveling and flow


3 – 5% of Inks weight


10 – 20% of inks weight


10 – 20% of inks weight

Testimonial & Accoldes
  • Keith - Electronic company

    Your silicone ink air dries and cures without heat! We are very impressed with the opacity.

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