High opacity silicone inks

Hyper Yellow: The new SE 315HD Hyper Yellow

The Natron SE 315HD Hyper yellow is ideal for direct pad printing and screen printing on silicone applications.  This high…

Silicone ink
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silicone ink for printing silicone rubber - Natron SE Series - Boston Industrial Solutions

The Best Silicone ink

There are several ways to print with silicone ink. These methods are screen printing, pad printing, and spraying. Learn how…

Pad printing ink
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Components of Pad Printing Ink

How to choose pad printing ink

What are the things that you should consider when choosing the correct pad printing ink to print your substrate? This…

Silicone ink
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Print Pad All - Mexico - Boston Industrial Solutions Distributor

Natron™ pad printing inks distributor in Mexico

Print All S.A. de C.V. to distribute Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc pad printing and screen inks in Mexico.

Silicone ink
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7 Silicone applications to print with Silicone Ink

Top 7 Silicone applications to print with Silicone Ink

Regulations, and new material developments continue to fuel the demand for silicone rubber products. And with growth comes new printing…

Silicone Inks
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How to print onon Silicone Phone Wallets - smart silicone wallet with stand - boston industrial solutions

How to print on silicone phone wallets

Printing on silicone phone wallets can be challenging. Should you pad print or screen print. What is the right ink…

Inks solvents
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Natron SilTex silicone inks for screen printing - Boston Industrial Solutions

SilTex silicone inks for screen printing

Introducing Natron™ SilTex™ silicone inks for screen printing — a two component silicone ink for screen printing on any type…

Industrial Printing
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ink for printing on silicone swimming caps

Printing on silicone swimming caps

Find out the type of ink used for Printing on silicone swimming caps. Learn how to figure out if a…

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Volta™ M2150S 2-color pad printer - boston industrial solutions

Pad printing explained

What is pad printing? In this article, we introduce and cover the basics of pad printing.

Inks solvents
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types of silicone rubber - silicone ink line - silicone ink - Boston Industrial Solutions

Types of Silicone Rubber

Most silicone products today are made with either Fluorosilicone Rubber (FSR) or Liquid Silicone (LSR). Find out how to decorate…

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