135mm Ceramic Rings

135mm Ceramic Rings For Pad Printer Ink cup

  • Superior wear and chip resistance
  • Unmatched performance, and
  • Competitively priced.

135mm Ceramic rings for ink cup

Highest quality ceramic rings. Made of fine crystalline and higher density Zirconia(ZrO2).

The ceramic rings are competitively priced.

The rings will fit ink cups of: Autoroll, Comec, Techa Print, Pad Print Machinery (EPSVT), Mugen Seiki, Inkcups, Imtran, Pentex, Luen Hop, and many other pad printing machine.

Double sided and single sided rings available

Ceramic rings Quality Control

Each doctoring ring edge is inspected under microscope and felt for any imperfections. This assures the end user that the doctoring surface is 100% perfect. As well give the end user the confidence they are receiving a perfect ceramic ring every time.

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